Mozilla’s UX-Nightly build of Firefox

15 March, 2012 § 39 Comments

Have you heard of our UX Nightly build of Firefox? Yes? No? Either answer is good, because even if you knew about it before, you should get reacquainted with it now.

Long story short, there was a bug that broke nightly updates for users of UX Nightly. So starting right now, as in, RIGHT NOW, download an updated UX Nightly build!

What is the UX branch?

Ironically, it is the branch of Firefox with potentially the worst user experience :D. The UX Nightly branch is the branch where developers can test out new features and experience them for a while before knowing if it’s something we want to ship. Currently, there are patches on the UX Nightly for removing redundant text in tab titles, parts of the new Australis theme, and enhancements for the New Tab page.

Any other reason to download?

Glad you asked. Yes, there is another reason to download. The first 10 people that download it now and send me a screenshot of their about:support page (hence, proving that they have updated) will get a nice postcard in the mail signed by as many members of the UX team that I can meet up with (at least three, I promise to try my best).

Please send your email to REDACTED and include a mailing address if you would like a postcard. If it’s too hard for me to send you the postcard (location/price/who-knows), then I’ll try to send you a scanned copy of the postcard I would have sent.

Contest update

Wow, that was fast. In less than an hour I received the first 10 entries. I’ll upload a scanned image here for others who would like to see the postcard 🙂

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