MSU CSE Capstone update 3/15

15 March, 2012 § 4 Comments

It is the nearing the end of the tenth week of the project to move the preferences to in-content UI. There are approximately five weeks left to get the project done.

The past week has shown a flurry of activity in the project as the students have returned from Spring Break.

Status update

Jon submitted new patches for feedback to port the Tabs, Privacy, Advanced, General, and Application panes to the in-content implementation. He also uploaded patches to implement the “landing” page for in-content preferences. The “landing” page will be the page that users first see when they reach the new preferences and will have buttons to access the various preference categories. We also want the new preferences to follow the same chromeless conventions as other in-content pages, such as about:addons. Jon has started working on a patch to add about:preferences to the in-content whitelist so the browser chrome will be reduced when viewing the preferences.

Devan submitted new patches for feedback to port the Content and Sync panes to the in-content implementation. She also uploaded a patch to add a preference, “browser.preferences.inContent”, to about:config that will toggle which preference implementation is used. This preference will help us transition over to the new user interface, as well as an easy kill-switch if there are any last minute issues.

Owen submitted a new patch for implementing the search functionality for the in-content preferences. We will be using this search implementation as our backend for showing and hiding the requested preferences. The first phase of the implementation is to show/hide the requested preference category. Retrieving the requested category is crucial to the core functionality of the in-content preferences. Once this core functionality is complete, Owen will begin working on extending the functionality to show/hide specific preferences through the use of a search box.

Zuhao (Joe) has been working on copying the preexisting unit tests and updating them to run against the in-content preferences. Once these tests have been ported, Joe will work on writing some new tests that exercise the search and category switching functionality.

Next steps

Depending on the progress that is made this week, I’d like to start getting the in-content preferences pushed to the UX branch. Therefore, the bugs that are required to get finished before landing on the UX branch are:

  1. browser.preferences.inContent preference for toggling between preference implementations
  2. “Landing” page

We’ll need the category switching functionality too, but that won’t be necessary until some categories are ready 🙂

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