In-content preferences are now available in Firefox Nightly

10 May, 2012 § 9 Comments

Starting today, users can access in-content preferences in Firefox Nightly.

First, a big congratulations to Zuhao (Joe) Chen, Jon Rietveld, Owen Carpenter, and Devan Sayles. The four students from Michigan State University worked through their spring semester to bring in-content preferences to Firefox.

At the end of the semester, the students presented their work in front of a panel of judges. The judges evaluated their project alongside 11 projects from other software organizations. At the end of the day, the students learnt that they had won the award for the best overall Design Day performance, the Auto-Owners Exposition Award. Congratulations on reaching this point of the project, as well as all graduating college!

The students can be seen in the picture on the top-right of this post, as they receive their award from Scott Lake of Auto-Owners Insurance (left-most in the picture).

In the 16 weeks of the semester, the students got comfortable with Mercurial, Bugzilla, IRC, Google+ hangouts, crazy timezone differences (I’m 3 hours behind, and Blair is 16 hours ahead of the students), Mochitest automated tests, code reviews, and much more. The students also got really great experience with writing localization-friendly CSS, HTML5 JavaScript APIs, special JavaScript language features that haven’t made it to other browsers yet, and even more.

See the table below for the changesets that have already landed on mozilla-central:

Changeset Commit message
8b195889f55c Zuhao (Joe) Chen — Bug 731866Copy and port current preference tests to run against the in-content preferences. r=jaws
9b4f86c85565 Devan Sayles — Bug 735471Add a pref to switch between window’d preferences and in-content preferences. r=jaws,bmcbride
0fbf6059c293 Jon Rietveld — Bug 737177Port the security pane to the in-content preferences implementation. r=bmcbride
29de131322c5 Devan Sayles — Bug 735091Sync pane for in-content prefrences. r=jaws,bmcbride
4953a39c52e6 Devan Sayles — Bug 732125Content pane for in-content preferences. r=jaws,bmcbride
bb179b7cf722 Jon Rietveld — Bug 733469Move the applications preferences to in-content UI. r=jaws r=bmcbride
68e7c139e580 Jon Rietveld — Bug 723737Move the advanced preferences to in-content UI. r=jaws r=bmcbride
d849b7493ea2 Jon Rietveld — Bug 723328Move the privacy preferences to in-content UI. r=bmcbride
c14a9f3448da Owen Carpenter — Bug 719717Move the tabs preferences to in-content UI. r=bmcbride
c9262b622112 Jon Rietveld — Bug 724686General pane for in-content preferences. r=bmcbride
4d02fc5fc5c3 Owen Carpenter — Bug 734013Implement the pane-switching functionality for the in-content preferences. r=bmcbride
b2d23fc61c6f Jon Rietveld — Bug 735557Add about:preferences to the inContentWhitelist. r=bmcbride
f1148c7cd5e3 Jon Rietveld — Bug 733473Implement initial prerequisites for in-content preferences, and landing page. r=bmcbride

There’s still more work to do before we enable these new preferences by default. We need to make navigating them a little easier as well as make them a little prettier, but progress is being made 🙂

Here’s the current list of the bugs that still need to be finished:

To test out the new in-content preferences, go to about:config and enable the browser.preferences.inContent preference.

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§ 9 Responses to In-content preferences are now available in Firefox Nightly

  • cmf028 says:

    You might want to fix the bug links 😉
    They currently point to this site’s domain instead of

  • Wow. This is… great. No, wait. It’s awesome. Fantastic. Splendid, even!

    Huge kudos and thanks to the MSU team for this work, and to you and Blair for helping to guide it to such a successful outcome. I’m really excited about having this already in Firefox, and can’t wait to get it enabled by default. You should all be quite proud of the work that got done over the semester. Woot!

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  • bbondy says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! Thanks to everyone involved.

  • jasonyeo says:

    Hi Jared,

    I am a computer science student at National University of Singapore. I have previously contributed some patches to Firefox and Thunderbird and that got me excited about open source projects. Do you think it’s possible for me to do a similar project for one of my modules?

  • RMJ says:

    It’s great that it’s implemented now.

    The layout itself needs huge amount of work to do. Currently it is far from easy to use.

    Some of the major problems with current design :

    – why I have to go always to first page to choose another section of settings ? Why isn’t the sections available to click at all time on the top of the page ? This is very annoying when you have to make changes to more than one section.

    – The general layout needs to be changed. There is no point render buttons all the way to the right edge of the browser and have the actual settings on the very far left. For example in General -> Downloads I first click on “save files to” radio button and then I have to move 1100 pixels (on my tiny laptop screen) to on the other edge of the screent to click the “browse” button for selecting the folder.

    So, the buttons and other important design elements should be easily available in the proximity of the settings itself (on the left side of the screen in this case).

    This of course is just the initial work for the change, so I’m sure these things will be fixed in very near future (_has to_ be fixed before leaving beta stage).

    • msujaws says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ll make a note of the things you have mentioned 🙂

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