Presentations and Documents and Research, Oh My! (cross-post)

18 January, 2013 § Leave a comment

One of the MSU Capstone team members, Brandon Waterloo, wrote up a nice blog post giving an update on the progress of their work implementing some multitouch gestures for desktop Firefox.

The latter half of the past week, as well as most of this week, consisted (will consist) primarily of working on our project plan document and our presentations. On the 23rd, we’ll be giving team status reports, talking about the status of our machines, our project plan document, etc. These will be short, only about five minutes.

Beginning on the 28th, the various capstone teams will begin presenting their project plans. This is mostly just a brief version of the project plan document. This will be about a fifteen minute presentation. I’m slightly concerned that we can’t stretch our material out to fifteen minutes, because our project is pretty simple to explain–touch gestures for Firefox on Mac OS X. There’s not a whole lot more to say, except to explain the specifics of what we’ll be doing.

Read the rest of the blog post at Brandon’s post, “Presentations and Documents and Research, Oh My!”

Left-to-right: Raymond Heldt (HeldtNotHelt), Brandon Waterloo (we11ington), Bill de Araujo (spartanfire)

Left-to-right: Raymond Heldt (HeldtNotHelt), Brandon Waterloo (we11ington), Bill de Araujo (spartanfire)

A new semester, a new capstone project

11 January, 2013 § 3 Comments

This is the first week of a new semester at Michigan State University, and with that brings a new group of students who will be working on a senior capstone project with Mozilla.

This semester the students will be focusing on multitouch gestures within the browser. They’ll start out the semester by fixing a few good-first-bugs, then they’ll move on to adding some gestures to standalone image and video documents. The final step of the project will be to focus on improving our pinch-to-zoom for webpages in Firefox.

As the semester progresses, the students will be blogging their progress on their own blogs (I may crosspost them here from time to time):

Brandon Waterloo:
Raymond Heldt:
Bill de Araujo:

Here’s to a great semester!

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