Tech Talk @ MSU: Developer Tools in Firefox (27 Feb, 7pm @ 1230 EB)

23 February, 2012 § 1 Comment

Kevin Dangoor is the product manager for Firefox Developer Tools and founder of TurboGears and CommonJS. Kevin blogs at Blue Sky on Mars.

On Monday, 27 February, Kevin Dangoor and I will be at Michigan State University to give a technical talk covering the new developer tools in Firefox. We will be meeting in room 1230 of the Engineering Building at 7pm.

There has been a lot of work on native developer tools for Firefox, along with adding more capabilities and speeding up Firebug. Starting in Firefox 10, the Inspector and Scratchpad were released. In the next versions of Firefox, users can find a native JavaScript debugger, CSS style editor, and more.

Mozilla has just announced their Firefox roadmap for 2012, and native developer tools will be getting even more attention in 2012.

Interested in joining Mozilla full-time?

Kevin and I are looking for people to join Mozilla full-time. Working for Mozilla allows you to work on cutting edge technology that reaches near 1/2 billion users.

We currently have internship openings with the following groups: Infrastructure Security; Labs Engineering; Metrics Engineering; Mobile Engineering (Android); Security Engineering; Services Engineering; Software Engineering (Desktop Firefox); User Experience Design; User Research Intern; and Web QA Engineering.

We currently have full-time software engineering openings with the following groups: desktop Firefox; Boot to Gecko; Mobile Platform; Gecko Platform; Platform Integration: Mac; Privacy; WebAPI; and more.

Visit our Careers website to learn more about the positions and come to the talk and meet with Kevin and I to answer any questions that you may have.

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