Getting Func(tional) with the Ann Arbor Computing Society

12 January, 2011 § 4 Comments

Last Wednesday I attended my first Ann Arbor Computing Society meeting at the offices of SRT Solutions in Ann Arbor. I found out about the meeting from my coworker @jimdusseau.

The meeting started at 6:30pm and ran until 8pm. From my observations, the Ann Arbor Computing Society tries to run their meetings in this format:

  1. Eating of pizza and drinking of pop (this is done asynchronously throughout the rest of the meeting)
  2. Announcements of job openings
  3. Announcements of people looking for jobs
  4. Technical questions that have people stumped (note: there are no answers provided at this point)
  5. Technical presentation
  6. Answers to technical questions asked at the beginning of the meeting
  7. Drawing of door prizes

This was the first time that I had seen such a large gap between the asking and answering of questions. The separation allowed time for the questions to sink in and provide responders with time to gather their thoughts and think of solutions/reasons for the problem.

Wednesday’s talk was titled “Getting your Func(tional) on with F#“, and was given by Chris Marinos. Chris is a software consultant at SRT Solutions and has been published in MSDN Magazine and is presenting at this years CodeMash conference in Sandusky, Ohio on Friday.

Chris’ talk went over the problems that F# does well, and how an F# application is structured. He gave a walk-through of a WPF and F# application and showed how to make the networking calls asynchronous. I took notes while I was at the meeting and have made them public on Google Docs if you feel so inclined.

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