Uncovering hidden features of Campfire

29 March, 2011 § 8 Comments

Tonight I spent some time with one of my coworkers, Eric, who is working on a Campfire extension for Google Chrome.

While perusing through the JavaScript of 37Signal’s Campfire, Eric came across a couple of undocumented features: Emoji, and the complete list of sounds.

To place an Emoji in a message, simply surround one of the following with colons, like


Here is the complete list of Emojis that you can use:

Emoji: [ 'sunny', 'zap', 'leaves', 'lipstick', 'cop', 'wheelchair', 'fish',
'hammer', 'moneybag', 'calling', 'memo', 'mega', 'gift', 'pencil', 'scissors',
'feet', 'runner', 'heart', 'smoking', 'warning', 'ok', 'tm', 'vs', 'new', 'bulb', 'zzz',
'sparkles', 'star', 'mag', 'lock', 'email', 'fist', 'v', 'punch', '+1', 'clap', '-1' ]

Now for the sounds. To use these, type /play followed by one of the sound names:

It’s always fun digging through JavaScript and finding unpublished features. Our software team regularly uses Campfire for discussions, so the more expressive we can be the better. Does your team use a chat room like Campfire or IRC to communicate?

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