Status Update 3 of Reader Mode for desktop Firefox

24 September, 2012 § 4 Comments

This week’s status update is a guest post written by Michael Anderson, one of the students working on the project.

This week the team worked on diving into the source code and actually progressing through the bugs.  For now the team worked together in order to place a button on the toolbar and make it pop up a window.

The team also created and presented the project proposal to their class which detailed the specs for the project as well as included screen mockups for the implementation.

Looking forward to next week the team is going to change the look and feel of the window that pops up when the reader button is clicked and fill it with the article content.

Notes from our meeting:

  • No pre-built JavaScript frameworks should be used, too much maintenance and hassle, more worthwhile to do it yourself.
  • Start with navigation approach first, then focus on light-box once that is implemented.
  • Either put completely unchanged mode into common area or copy the code into the desktop and adapt it (Separate copies)
  • Move Readability.js to a common area (toolkit/components)
  • Different parts of firefox: browser, widgets, tabs, mobile, toolkit.
  • Get the patch up for our code in the bug for the toolbar button
  • Submit more bugs for the different parts of our code

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§ 4 Responses to Status Update 3 of Reader Mode for desktop Firefox

  • Caspy7 says:

    Is the UX for this nailed down?
    I’m concerned because it sounds like from the description that a new window opens with the Readable version. If I’m browsing and pull up the readable version for an article and get halfway through, I’d still like to be able to switch to another tab without losing my place – perhaps I’m chatting with someone in another tab or writing an email on the topic I’m reading.

    • msujaws says:

      The initial plan is to have the readability view appear in the same tab (and act as a page navigation). The UX for this isn’t nailed down, but it’s being developed in a way that will allow the UX to adjust as we figure out how it should work.

    • Caspy7 says:

      @msujaws Sounds good.
      I’m not sure what you mean when you say “act as a page navigation”. Do you mean that the “background” webpage will try to sync with the foreground Readable page? If so this seems unnecessary & distracting to me.
      Also, is this based solely on code from Mobile? I guess I’m wondering if we’re going to try to bridge multipage articles like does?

    • msujaws says:

      “Act as page navigation” meaning that hitting the Back button would return the user to the original webpage.

      None of this is final, it’s all pretty rough ideas right now. We’ll make sure to get a good user experience before enabling the feature 🙂

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