Status Update 2 of Reader Mode for desktop Firefox

17 September, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’d like to start this status update off by introducing the team that is working on the project.

The students working on the project, from left to right, are Matt Vorce, Michael Anderson, Chelsea Carr, and Kevin Woodward.

This past week the students put together a roadmap of the semester, outlining their ideal progress and pace for the project.

The roadmap has the project nearing completion before Thanksgiving break, which is around November 22nd.

All four students now have their “first bugs” assigned to them and I believe that all of their bugs have now been fixed and have had their code pushed to mozilla-central.

The meta bug for tracking the work that the students will be doing is bug 558882, “Ship Readability in the browser.” I am planning on giving more bug-filing responsibility to the students this semester.

Here’s the minutes from today’s meeting that Matt typed up:

Things to do going forward:

Get something up and running ASAP. Do not focus on the HTML and CSS for the time being.

Ignore Sync at first until we have the reader mode working the way we want it.

After coming up with a sketch of how the user experience would work for reader mode try to run it by the User Experience team.

Create a user experience interaction diagram

Order of priorities:

Reader Mode > Reading List > Sync > Preferences

Task this week is to break up getting the basic reader mode done. Examples of how we might break it up:

One person get the button in the toolbar and make it create a basic popup

One person work on checking whether a webpage is compatible with the reader mode

One person work on getting a page to display correctly in the reader mode

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