Get a sneak preview at the new Australis tabs (Windows only)

18 June, 2012 § 87 Comments

Wanna play with a sneak peek of the new Australis tabs for Firefox? I’ve put together a build of it that you can download and run with.

Installer (16 mb)
Zip archive (21 mb)

This isn’t checked in yet, but it should be coming along soon. I only implemented it for Windows, so my apologies go out to those on OS X or Linux.

Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂

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§ 87 Responses to Get a sneak preview at the new Australis tabs (Windows only)

  • mpmchugh says:

    They are too curved, and slanted. This is going to look sorely out of place on the Mac, and Windows too. I like the layout changes, but the tabs shape should be more native to each platform looking, IMO. To each his own, so I hope these can be tweaked with a theme to fit ones platform of choice better.

  • Spiros says:

    Hi there,

    The design looks really cool and clean, the way everything is going these days!

    However, my screen does not look exactly like the one on your post ie there is a “Nightly” button on top left instead of a home icon implemented in the scheme.

    Also, could you please make the Master Password pop-up window come up when a password is actually required? At the moment it comes up always as soon as you launch the explorer even if all you need to do is a Search

  • bernstein says:

    recently did an tab userstyle based on the australis mockups for OSX. as i dont like rounded corners the focused tab was left as is.

  • Juca says:

    Windows XP SP3.
    The active tab is showed as inactive tab.
    There is no difference between both.

  • I really think you guys should make it just like the Android app and the ipad Junior UI: a single navigation bar(and the search bar while there’s no search tab) and a single button that shows everything else.

    You will still be able to add tollbars, buttons etc, but the default UI will become way more clear and minimalist.

  • btriffles says:

    While I appreciate the effort, I humbly disagree with the direction and request the following:
    -Please don’t try to ‘hide’ important interface elements, e.g., merging the background tabs with the title bar. I assume this was done in an attempt to hide complexity, but it only makes things less discoverable and less usable, ultimately increasing complexity.
    -Please try to follow the standard UI conventions of the underlying operating system rather than coming up with a unique style. Familiarity and consistency are good things that promote confident user interaction.

    In addition, on a personal level, I prefer the look of squared tabs (at least on Windows), and they should be more space-efficient.

  • Brian says:

    I gotta admit…I prefer the square tabs. Nice. Simple. Clean. I don’t need the fluff for my tabs. Just my 2 cents. 🙂

  • Ken Saunders says:

    The selected tab does look very cool and quite nice, but only with the tab bar having at least a 2px top margin so the overall appearance is a unified and single tabbed page/interface rather than an oddly shaped rectangle coming down from the top of the window. The selected tab style really pops with tabs on bottom or with the menu bar showing. My guess is because there’s some open air around it.

    The rest, well, I’m not a fan. It looks unfinished and segmented. In fact, the only real feature is the selected tab.

    Background tabs look like bookmarks with way too much left and right padding and pinned tabs/favicons, tab close buttons, and other icons just look like there floating about on their own.
    If background tab backgrounds and other elements had even a 0.2 opacity setting with a light colored border having a slightly higher setting (something like background tabs hover), then it may tie everything together again but that would probably go against everything that’s trying to be accomplished (I guess as I’m not sure what that is).

    The tab close button hover style could use a top right radius setting and tab favicons look good if they’re anything but a squared one.

    I’ve been loosely following the development of Australis for a long time and have been looking forward to it and I acknowledge and appreciate the amount of time and effort put into it, but honestly, at its current state, I don’t care for it and suspect a lot of criticism from more than just the usual individuals that hate change.

    I’m looking forward to future tweaks.

  • John Mei says:

    Two issues: 1. App tabs seem very circular, which is not quite “human” at all. 2. for non-highlighted tabs, the dividers are thin vertical gradients, which does not fit in with the theme whatsoever and is strange when you hover over and they’re gone. I really think there should be some alternative implementation of unselected tabs, like lighter tab-like shapes or something.

  • Alex says:

    I don’t like that only the current tab is visible. It’s not clear when one tab begins and the other ends.

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