Get a sneak preview at the new Australis tabs (Windows only)

18 June, 2012 § 87 Comments

Wanna play with a sneak peek of the new Australis tabs for Firefox? I’ve put together a build of it that you can download and run with.

Installer (16 mb)
Zip archive (21 mb)

This isn’t checked in yet, but it should be coming along soon. I only implemented it for Windows, so my apologies go out to those on OS X or Linux.

Let me know what you think in the comments πŸ™‚

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§ 87 Responses to Get a sneak preview at the new Australis tabs (Windows only)

  • guest says:

    Thank you for hard work!
    I downloaded and tried, but seems background tabs title are not clear enough. (see: )
    And, when will australis land on m-c?

  • cuz84d says:

    I tried downloading it on yesterday’s nightly using windows 8 32bit and I’m see corrupt files for both the installer and zip file being empty.

    • msujaws says:

      Can you try downloading the links that are in this blog post? I need to fix the UX channel’s nightly builds because I broke them on Friday.

  • great job. There will be a unification of the search bar with the url bar? and becomes integrated hometab?

    • msujaws says:

      Those are the plans. The integrated hometab probably won’t become a permanent home tab like it was initially designed, but we do plan on merging about:home and about:newtab at some point.

  • Looks amazing and snappy too !

  • cuz84d says:

    msujaws :
    Can you try downloading the links that are in this blog post? I need to fix the UX channel’s nightly builds because I broke them on Friday.

    I did from the links here, I switched to IE10 and downloaded it there, which worked. I’ve been trying to multi task between desktop and metro alot so windows 8 RP might be dropping my internet connection.

  • requiredname says:

    i prefer the square tabs, but then, that’s just me πŸ˜‰

  • Brian says:

    The text is too hard too read when you have a dark Aero background (I have mine set to black with ~90% color intensity.) Part of the problem is that we are trying to curve the highlighting around the individual cures of the letters of the text–this creates too much visual noise. I think the highlighting needs to be wider and also it needs to provide more contrast, for the sake of readability.

    The favicon is too close to the edge, especially when the favicon is a box like Gizmodo’s or CNN’s or

    I think we’re likely going to have a problem with favicons on dark backgrounds unless we also do highlighting around the favicon, because favicons are usually designed to go on a white background, and some can be hard to make out when the Aero background is dark (e.g. Zimbra,

    I can notice a little aliasing in the curves of the active tab. Also, I think the tabs do not overlap enough.

    When the tabs overflow, and the “scroll tabs left” button is shown, and you have the leftmost visible tab selected, the tab shape is awkward.

  • guest says:

    “windows only” i am not surprised. Whole thing is almost about windows. GNU/Linux always get things last. I appreciate what you doing but please some attention to GNU/Linux users. We still don’t even have a hidden menu bar on default(Bug 598293) and this is just an example. . .

    • msujaws says:

      I think I remember there being an issue over if the Firefox button felt too non-native on Linux. If my memory serves me correct, that’s why it wasn’t enabled by default.

      As for the Windows only thing, I had to start somewhere, so I picked the platform where we have the most users (and the hardest time getting something snappy/performant).

  • Martin says:

    Although I love the new Australis Theme and the implementation, I don’t like the changing from the vertical straight line into a curved tab shape for inactive to a hovered tab. It is really distracting. I remember an implementation of Frank for OS X, where the hovering effect was just a highlight of the inactive tab (rather than a curved tab shape).
    Unfortunately I can’t say, how this could be done right.
    I can only image 2 things:
    – make the hovering effect a highlight of the inactive tab (like the first implementation by Frank Yan)
    – instead of using a straight vertical line, you could make the overlapping curved tab shape that fade “away” (like the straight line)

    Maybe Stephen comes up with a better idea.

    Is there a reason why the “Tabs on Top” toggle is missing?

    Finally I must thank you for the hard work you putting into Mozilla in the last year πŸ˜€

    • msujaws says:

      Thanks, I appreciate the feedback.

      The “tabs on top” toggle was deprecated in bug 755646 ( since the matrix of supporting all of our various frontend theme features has become too hard to maintain as we move forward.

  • nr.sabbir says:

    Great work bro πŸ™‚

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