Site-specific permissions for Firefox’ opt-in plugins

20 April, 2012 § 18 Comments

Today I landed an implementation of site-specific permissions for Firefox’ opt-in plugins. I previously wrote about Firefox 14’s non-default support for opt-in (also known as click-to-play) plugins last week.

That blog post garnered a lot of attention. Over 25 news sites covered the news, and the blog post was viewed close to 3,000 times.

Many people downloaded the Nightly version of Firefox to test out the feature, and a few people have told me how they are now using the feature full-time. Today’s addition of site-specific permissions makes using the feature much easier.

With site-specific permissions, users can whitelist sites that they visit often and trust. Sites that are whitelisted will activate plugins automatically upon load.

To add site-specific permissions, click on the plugin block in the location bar. The doorhanger that appears contains a dropdown with options to: Activate plugins; Always activate plugins for this site; Never activate plugins for this site; and Not Now.

To manage these permissions, users can click on the site-identity block next to the website address. From there, click on “More Information…“. The Page Info dialog will now appear. Clicking on the Permissions tab of the dialog will show any site-specific permissions that are stored for the current site, as well as the ability to change any of those permissions.

This feature will remain disabled by default in Firefox 14. David Keeler is also helping implement the feature, and has most recently been working on adding the ability to only enable plugins of a specific runtime (Flash, Java, Silverlight, etc). For more information on the status of the feature, see our feature page for Opt-in Activation of Plugins.

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§ 18 Responses to Site-specific permissions for Firefox’ opt-in plugins

  • […] 注1:默认的始终的搜索方式(包括使用搜索栏、地址栏、页面右键菜单或起始页搜索框),现在都默认使用Google HTTPS搜索服务。增加了搜索的安全和隐私性。 注2:可选功能。如果在about:config中启用 plugins.click_to_play :使用插件用户将需要一步额外的点击来激活,才能开始激活利用插件的内容(注3)。这种模式提高了浏览器的安全,并可能在未来在某些情况下推广到默认设置。用户可以设置(注4),每个站点插件的具体使用权限(蚊仔把它叫做“插件权限白名单”,囧~)。 […]

  • avalon says:

    Hello, very nice feature. expands the capability beyond flash which is awesome. I only would like to see an option “enable plug-ins for this session”, which should allow the plug-ins until the user navigates out of the site or tab is lcosed. Possible?

  • Lelala says:

    Hmm… the problem occurs again and again, if firefox updates itself to a new version in the background, it seems. It looks like its loosing some settings…

  • Rob E. says:

    I am looking for a place to manage these permissions for all sites that have special cases. I would expect to find it in “Tools/Options > Tab=Content”, like “Block pop-up windows” > Button=”Exceptions”.

    This would allow me to add new sites without opening them, and see the list.

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