MSU CSE Capstone update 2/22

22 February, 2012 § 1 Comment

It is the middle of the seventh week of the project to move the preferences to in-content UI. Including this week, there are two weeks remaining before Spring Break. These weeks will be a crunch-time as the students look to get to a feature-stable point before they begin making visual changes.

The team is feeling pretty confident about their ability to port panes of the preferences to in-content now. Below is a list of the separate projects to do for this week:

Moving files to /in-content/

The new in-content preferences were created using the same files as the current preferences. These will need to be moved to separate files so we will have the ability to enable/disable the in-content preferences at will. These will be located in /browser/components/preferences/in-content/. Jon Rietveld is working on putting together a patch with these files moved.

Unit testing

There is a small suite of unit tests that need to be copied over to the in-content preferences and run against the new implementation. Joe Chen will work on copying these tests from /browser/components/preferences/tests/ to /browser/components/preferences/in-content/tests and will make sure that the in-content preferences are being used by the tests.

Remaining Preference Panes

There are four remaining preference panes that still need to be ported to the in-content preferences. Devan Sayles will work on porting the Content, Applications, Security, and Sync preference panes. Joe may help out after finishing with the unit tests.

Search functionality

Owen Carpenter is going to start implementing a basic search functionality for the in-content preferences. Highlighting of the search terms within the preferences will be delayed and may be done as a follow-up bug.

Back/forward Navigation

The back/forward buttons for the in-content preferences are almost complete. Jon has been working on implementing them and after Monday’s meeting it seemed like he was about halfway there. Still to do is to add an event listener for onpopstate and update the user interface accordingly.

I hope to get some experimental builds together by the beginning of next week that will include the current implementations of the in-content preferences so users can start testing the new feature.

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