Super-awesome-happy comment time on Bugzilla

15 February, 2012 § 2 Comments

I have just taken part in another first for me.

Today I entered my first comment on a bug at the exact same second as another person left a comment on the same bug.

Joshua M. has started working on the navigation bar for the new Australis theme for Firefox and asked for some feedback along the way. Frank Yan and I both replied to his feedback in the exact same second, to the point that Bugzilla sent a single email that contained both comments!

I leave this hear for your viewing pleasure:

Do not reply to this email. You can add comments to this bug at

--- Comment #5 from Jared Wein [:jaws] 2012-02-15 20:42:02 PST ---
(In reply to Joshua M from comment #3)
> Should I change the tabs at all with this
> bug or should we leave that to another bug?

Let's push as much work with tabs as possible to another bug.

--- Comment #6 from Frank Yan (:fryn) 2012-02-15 20:42:02 PST ---
(In reply to Joshua M from comment #3)
> I added an additional tab image for selected because it needs to overlap the
> nav-bar to cover the box-shadow. Should I change the tabs at all with this
> bug or should we leave that to another bug?

Thanks for making this patch!
The tabs should be left for a separate bug.

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You can follow along on the work by viewing the bug.

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§ 2 Responses to Super-awesome-happy comment time on Bugzilla

  • Guillaume C. [GE3K0S] says:

    Australis specs are amazing. Wonderful work by Stephen Horlander.

    However I was asking myself some questions :
    -Is there any mockups about a theme for private browsing in Australis ?
    -Same question for a page source redesign (in-content ?)
    -I assume that there will be a redesign of preferences in Australis (when the student project is over). Am I right ?
    -On these mockups search and url bar have been merged. Any infos on this ? (Safari is going to do the same in version 5.2 and if Firefox adopted this approach, Opera will be the last major browser to support a search bar)
    -Why not propose an in-content page for the “about” box ?
    -As I had said on bugzilla there is a new design for identity box (even http sites). Will it be implemented.

    Thanks for this amazing new interface.

  • Guillaume C. [GE3K0S] says:

    I forgot the “Clear recent history” that clearly requires a design overhaul (concerning UI, but also fonctionnalities).

    It’s also sad that the files path on shorlander site isn’t open to everyone. :-(

    But still Firefox is gonna beat all his concurrent with this new theme. ;-)

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