MSU Capstone update 1/31

31 January, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yesterday was the beginning of the fourth week of the in-content preferences project.

On Thursday morning the students had a work-in-progress patch to move the tabs preferences pane to an in-content page. Later that night, I hosted an “office hours” time where I did a Google+ hangout with the students while they worked on the patches. This provided some quick back-and-forth conversations while they were working and I believe it allowed them to work at a faster pace. By late Thursday night, Friday morning for the students, we had a patch that loaded the tabs preferences and populated them with the correct state.

The students also set up their own user patch repository for the project.

I didn’t hear of much activity over the weekend. On Monday, Blair met with the students for our weekly update meeting and Devan sent out minutes from the meeting.

Moving the tabs preferences pane to in-content:

  • Owen is going to work on styling the tabs.xul file and should be requesting feedback by Thursday.
  • Owen and Devan are starting work on the the general homepage and should be requesting feedback by Monday.
  • Jon and Joe will start working on the other XUL preference pages. They haven’t specified a date to request feedback by.

On how to organize the XUL documents for search functionality:

  • We will use build-time includes to combine the various files along with a main skeleton file. Blair will send the team some example code for this.

The addition of the breadcrumbs will be delayed by a month or so, so don’t be surprised that the patches-so-far lack the breadcrumbs. Blair expects to have the breadcrumb implementation finished in a month or so.

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