Status update 9/30 – 10/7

11 October, 2011 § 3 Comments

This week:

  • First time patches for bugs
    • Bug 689058 – Implement document.mozFullScreenEnabled
    • Bug 692597 – Viewing video statistics should not be dependent on control visibility
    • Bug 692640 – Video statistics text overlaps itself on small dimension videos
  • Rebased patches
    • Bug 666306 – Video with large overlay play button
  • Bugs fixed/patches landed
    • Bug 681550 – Add “Save as Image” to context menu for HTML5 videos (First contribution by Matthew Wein)
    • Bug 689106 – No video controls when directly viewing a video
    • Bug 669260 – Add statistics overlay to video element
    • Bug 689058 – Implement document.mozFullScreenEnabled
  • Bugs filed
    • Bug 690869 – Animation of thumb for video player should be smooth
    • Bug 692597 – Viewing video statistics should not be dependent on control visibility
  • Community activity
    • Helped community contributor Matthew Wein, my brother, land his first patch in the Mozilla code base (bug 681550).
  • Other
    • Bug 620317 – Audio controls sometimes expand and retain size indefinitely. This bug is more noticeable now since bug 472942 landed.
  • In progress
    • Bug 689058 – Implement document.mozFullScreenEnabled
    • Bug 674744 – Conditional forward button on pinstripe
    • Bug 690208 – Add test to verify video controls work on standalone video

Up next:

Next week may be a short week as I might take Monday off work and will be traveling on Friday. I will also be preparing for a talk that I will be giving at Michigan State University about open-source software and working in the open.

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§ 3 Responses to Status update 9/30 – 10/7

  • antistress says:

    Something that i’ve found weird since Firefox handles the audio/video element is that no Firefox doesn’t display controls when JavaScript is off.
    I know that JavaScript is used to display theses controls but we should make a distinction between JavaScript downloaded from a web site and JavaScript that is used by Firefox itself for its needs.
    There is no security concern while displaying OSD audio/video controls unlike running downloaded script.
    Yes from a developer point of view they are both about running JavaScript but actually the source of the code is not the same : outside vs inside code.
    And from a user point of view loosing OSD audio/video controls when JavaScript is off is a non-sense…
    Thanks !

  • antistress says:

    msujaws :
    another bug filed for the root cause:

    Thank you. I see that Bug 236839 is nearly 8 years old…wow

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