Status update 9/23 – 9/30

30 September, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week:

  • First time patches for bugs
    • Bug 689106 – No video controls when directly viewing a video
    • Bug 690208 – Add test to verify video controls work on standalone videos
    • Bug 470628 – Provide button for Full Screen video
  • Rebased patches
    • Bug 641238 – The location bar should be in LTR even in RTL mode
  • Bugs filed
    • Bug 688918 – Tab prompts background image is off by one pixel on top and left sides
    • Bug 689374 – Specialized HTML5 audio controls for small-dimension media
    • Bug 689809 – X to close Addon Bar should be located on right if not on Mac OS X
  • Provided feedback on these patches
    • Bug 657438 – X to close “Find in Page” toolbar should be on the right on Windows
    • Bug 689809 – X to close Addon Bar should be on the right if not on Mac OSX
    • Bug 681550 – Add “Save as Image” to context menu for HTML5 video
    • Bug 376997 – Images/videos should be rendered against a neutral background
  • Other
    • Bug 689106 – Video controls have disappeared on standalone HTML5 videos. I hope that this gets fixed since bug 472942 (VideoDocuemnts should center video in tab) landed last week and it makes the viewing experience of HTML5 videos look pretty.
    • Did some reading on wrappedJSObject, XPConnect, and CustomEvents for bug 669260.
    • Updated the Media Controls Refresh wiki page with the current status.
    • Learnt how to use hg bisect to determine the changeset that caused the bug 689106 regression.
  • In progress
    • Bug 669260 – Updated patch based on review
    • Bug 666306 – Updated patch based on review

Up next:

  • Next week I hope to get review feedback on my patches as well as figure out our solution to bug 689106 (which will need to be upstreamed to Aurora).
  • Begin work on porting some of the new video control features to our touch-UI (the control changes that make sense to port).

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