My first Firefox work week

9 July, 2011 § 2 Comments

Next week will be my first Firefox work week. I’ll get the opportunity to meet many of my coworkers in person for the first time.

We’re going down to Monterey, CA for a couple days of meetings, workshops, aquariums, fine dining, and overall team-bonding.

On Wednesday, we’ll head back to Mountain View where we will start acting upon a lot of the discussions that have been taking place.

I’m told the Firefox team has gotten pretty large pretty recently. There is 40 of us heading down there, and people are flying in from all corners of the world including New Zealand, France, Germany, and Canada.

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§ 2 Responses to My first Firefox work week

  • G says:

    Emm, firefox team, if you thimk about is *much* bigger than 40 people. Thats an open project, you know 😉 you probably refer to fx team inside moco which is a subset of something much more global and organic:)

    • msujaws says:

      Great point! Yeah, I should have been more clear. There is a huge number of people that are involved in making Firefox successful. Those include the people that work for Mozilla on the Platform team (Gecko, Necko, etc), as well as the Firefox team (the application). When you include community contributors, the numbers sky rocket.

      For this work week, the 40-person number is those employed by Mozilla that work on the Firefox application.

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