Firefox 5 release tomorrow

20 June, 2011 § 1 Comment

Tomorrow will be the first (sort of) release of Firefox that I’ve been at Mozilla for. We’re planning on releasing at 7:00am PDT.

I’m coming in to work at 6:45am (voluntarily) for the celebration (and free breakfast!!). It should be exciting, and coming in early just means that I will leave work earlier than usual.

The reason I said this was “sort of” my first release of Firefox is because I interviewed at Mozilla on the day of the Firefox 4 release. Firefox 4 was in release for a lot longer than Fx5, so you can imagine that the Fx4 party was a little larger than this one may be. 😀

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§ One Response to Firefox 5 release tomorrow

  • A.J. says:

    Oh man breakfast at work sounds amazing! I love breakfast food (including cereal)! I hope you have a lot of enjoyable release parties!

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