Recap of week 1 at Mozilla

17 June, 2011 § 3 Comments

Today wraps up my first week working at Mozilla. I’ve had the opportunity to meet tons of people, take a couple sips from the information firehose, and dive in to some of the code.

Today I got my first two patches landed in the codebase. The first patch deals with a usability issue in the About dialog, and the other is a developer-related issue with respect to exception messages in the auto-complete feature.

Users will see these changes in Firefox 7, which should start to hit the Aurora channel around July 5th. When I talk to my friends outside-of-work, they are surprised to hear that we are hard at work on Firefox 7. This is especially the case since they have likely just installed Firefox 4.

About a few months ago, Mozilla committed to a new rapid-release cycle that pushes a new release of the browser out every six weeks. Each version of the browser is in development for six weeks and then in testing for twelve weeks.

Within testing, there are two stages: Aurora and Beta. The Aurora stage is updated to turn off features that weren’t complete by the time the release was cut and to fix any serious crashing or security bugs that are found. The Beta stage is only updated if there is a very serious bug found (we lean towards not changing a beta).

As a release moves through the testing stages, the number of users should grow by an order of magnitude. We hope to get around 1 million users on the Aurora channel, 10 million on the Beta channel (we currently have around 3 million), and continue our over 100+ million on the stable release channel.

If you want to see my changes sooner, you can download the nightly build of Firefox. You’ll also have the added benefit of seeing way cooler features than the bug fixes that I worked on 🙂

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§ 3 Responses to Recap of week 1 at Mozilla

  • A.J. says:

    As a new employee there are so many new names to try to remember! I suppose the culture over there at Mozilla isn’t where knowing a significant portion of the staff names is in anyway important. I hope you didn’t spend your first day reading policy handbooks! Those are more suggestions anyways j/k 🙂

    • msujaws says:

      Haha, in fact I spent most of my first day setting up my machine, going to the Mozilla-wide project status meeting, walking through BugZilla and the process for submitting patches, as well as starting work on my first patch 🙂

  • […] written before about my first few days at Mozilla and my first year. Today I saw a question on Quora about “what is it like to work […]

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