Using Sikuli IDE to test a Google Chrome Extension

3 January, 2011 § 1 Comment

On Christmas Eve I decided to start working on my first publicly available Google Chrome extension. I blogged previously about it, but today I wanted to cover how I test that the extension is working.

The extension allows a user to take a YouTube video and bring it to the full window size of the browser. This creates a full screen that will not exit when another window is clicked on.

To use the extension, there is a “page action” that is located in Google Chrome’s address bar. When clicked, the video will either expand or contract. After the initial release, I made public the manual test cases for the extension. When I found time later, I automated them with Sikuli.

Here is a video of the test cases being run:

I have uploaded the Sikuli test case files to the project website as an example on unit testing with Sikuli.

Previously, I’ve used Selenium IDE for web-based testing and I know of some coworkers that use AutoHotkey. Have you ever used an app like these for unit testing?

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  • A.J. Orians says:

    Hey Jared! That is great how you got testing to your project so you can make changes and determine arithmetically whether you broke a feature! I’ve been interested in unit tests however haven’t been very active with them. So I try to stay out of any such testing that is more UI based (i.e. isn’t just code-testing) tests. Great to see that it is working out for you!

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