A couple updates

15 July, 2009 § 1 Comment

I haven’t made a post on my blog in about a week and a half, but there should be some more posts coming soon. I wanted to point any readers towards a couple things that have kept my interest recently.

  1. Cameron Flint has some really cool projects that he’s been working on. Through some good conversations, I’ve gotten him to open source his projects. The projects are available over SVN and can be reached through his blog’s hosting. The project that caught my eye is APID, which is a Win32 API Debugger. I’ve now got “peruse the source code” on my todo list.
  2. I have been continuing to read, although I may be trying to read too many books at one time. I am currently reading: The C++ Programming Language by Stroustrup; The Design and Evolution of C++ by Stroustrup; Data Mining Techniques by Berry and Linoff; and Fundamentals of Computer Graphics by Shirley.
    I’ve read over a quarter of The C++ Programming Language and have pretty much put it down for a moment to read the DaE book, which I think I was actually looking for when I picked up The C++ Programming Language book originally. The data mining and graphics books are precursors to two courses that I will be taking in the Fall. I’ve had previous experience in computer graphics with OpenGL, including writing my own ray tracer and 3D checkers game.
  3. Google Chrome now has extension support within the Dev channel. I’ve been working on an extension, and I really like how the system ties in to the browser. I found a nice protection that is built in to the extension module. If an extension continues to place modal dialogs (such as JavaScript alert windows), then the browser will add a checkbox to the bottom of the dialog to allow the user to block dialogs from this extension. I want to say thank you to the developers and designers of that feature as I think it was *really* well thought out and well intended.

So, there you have it. I’ve been trying to keep busy and I haven’t had some really good and deep topic that I’ve wanted to blog about recently. By the way, I’ve also found time to bike a good 20-30 miles a week when I’m not at work.

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