Finished reading “Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review”

17 June, 2009 § 3 Comments

Today I just finished readingBest Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review.” I’ll be giving a presentation on it tomorrow to the development staff at work, and I hope to have some notes published here soon about the book.

In short, the book is a free book from Smart Bear Inc. that focuses on the history and techniques of peer code review. Smart Bear are the makers of Code Collaborator, which is web-based code review software that is hosted internally within a company and helps facilitate code reviews.

I haven’t found a digital copy of the book, but there very well may exist one if you want to save a tree. There is also a PDF on their website on best practices for peer code review that you can take a look at.


§ 3 Responses to Finished reading “Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review”

  • Gregg Sporar says:

    Hi, thanks for mentioning our book!

    There is not a .pdf of the complete book available, but some of the chapters are available here: (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

    Additional ideas about code review:

  • msujaws says:

    First and foremost, I wanted to say thank you to you and your company for putting together the Best Kept Secrets book. It was a great read and I enjoyed presenting it to my company.

    To follow up with your comment, is there any reason why the whole book isn’t available online as a PDF? It seems to be a much more economical and environmental solution compared to mailing everyone a hard copy.

  • Gregg Sporar says:

    We send out the hard copy of the book because we want folks to have something they can carry around and show to their friends and co-workers.

    Having said that, we do plan to investigate the idea of making the complete book available electronically for ebook readers, etc.

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