I’m going to StackOverflow DevDays Toronto

21 May, 2009 § Leave a comment

StackOverflow was started around December 2008 and has quickly become the go-to location on the internet to ask technical questions.

It was started by Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood, two bloggers that I keep on my blogroll and are some of the top software development bloggers in the world.

The StackOverflow DevDays is a conference started to bring together the large community of users on StackOverflow to talk about new technology and trends. The topics covered at the conference are the following:

Android; Objective-C; iPhone SDK; Google App Engine; jQuery; ASP.NET MVC; FogBugz; Python; JavaScript; Mercurial; DVCS

Of the topics being discussed, I’ve played with jQuery, ASP.NET MVC (beta 3 and 4), Python, JavaScript, and Mercurial. I’m not too sure why FogBugz has a mention here, since it doesn’t seem to fit. Here are the logical categories that I’ve grouped the topics into:

Operating Systems / SDKs: Android; iPhone SDK

Programming Languages: Objective-C; Python; JavaScript

Frameworks: Google App Engine; jQuery; ASP.NET MVC

Distributed Version Control Systems: Mercurial; DVCS

Which one doesn’t fit? FogBugz, which is a bug tracking system created by FogCreek Software, owned by Joel Spolsky. I hope the talk on FogBugz isn’t just a marketing pitch.

Anybody else going? Let me know and I’ll keep an eye out for you.

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