MSU Graduate Computer Science Course Offerings

15 December, 2008 § Leave a comment


I’ve been putting together a course plan for when I want to take all of the required courses for my Masters in Computer Science and have been frustrated by the poor user interface for seeing what courses were offered when. Usually, the name does a good job describing the course, and there is more information available when you take a look at the syllabus. So I put together a simple spreadsheet of the courses and highlighted the semesters that they are offered. I’ve attached a screenshot of it above in case anyone that comes across it finds it useful.

After choosing what courses to take, which is what I did first, then you have to make sure that they meet the breadth requirement. This is a requirement that you enroll in at least one course from four different subject areas: Software Systems; Systems; Theory; and Intelligent Systems.

*Note, formal courses aren’t offered during the summer semester. Graduate students can enroll in independent studies or work on research during the summer semester.


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